Plan for weekend Jan 20/21

Weekend 20/21




  1. i)    Drop-saw
  2. ii)   Measuring Tape

iii)  Straight edge (more than 1m if someone has something suitable)

  1. iv)   Pencils
  2. v)    Drill press
  3. vi)   Drill bits (depends on what size bolts we are using)

vii)  Clamps

viii) Safety Goggles!


Stuff to complete:


  1. i) Cut Pieces

    – Length: 1m (~2.7m height) (maybe a little shorter depending on lengths of timber from bunnings)

    – Angles:

    – Amount: 60 hexagon sides, 30 pentagon sides


  1. ii) Drill Bolts’ Holes

    – Need to ensure that:

  1. a) all hexagon holes are identical
  2. b) all pentagon holes are identical
  3. c) all hexagon holes align back to back
  4. d) all hexagon holes align with pentagon holes back to back


    – Possible Method (3 holes):

  1. a) start with one hexagon piece
  2. b) use 3 holes
  3. c) drill centre hole by intersecting the diagonals so it is half of the width and height
  4. d) measure other two holes 200mm on either side of centre hole. *Important: must guaruntee to be half of the height as well*
  5. e) use this piece as a template for every other hexagon piece and for the pentagon holes


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