Status update 28/12/18

With the year coming to an end – an update on the DOME home status for 2018, in picture form:

IMG_20181228_170916Figure 1: The timber was confirmed to be straight

IMG_20181228_174021Figure 2: 16mm pocket holes were drilled using 16mm countersink bit & radial arm drill press. 2- screws per connection will be used. Buildex 14-10 x 100mm timber screws were pre-drilled.

IMG_20181228_170934Figure 3: Sika Pro was applied to the joints prior to screw fixing

IMG_20181228_174037Figure 4: 3- two hexagon sides are connected first

IMG_20181228_174307Figure 5: The 3- two side sets are connected to form a hexagon module. The hexagon corner jig is seen in this picture

IMG_20181228_174330Figure 6: Gettin jiggy

IMG_20181228_225815Figure 7: 4 hexagon modules are complete. The design distance across the diagonals is 1850mm. The as-built hexagon modules range from 1847mm to 1855mm across the diagonals – this error seems tolerable.

IMG-20180216-WA0002Figure 8: Nutritious eggs

Author: roamingdomehome

Part time curator of domes

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