06/01/19 – Dome Day

It was d-day for the dome after successfully completing 5 hexagons. The top semihemisphere was ready to be assembled.

Figure 1: laying out the completed hexagonsIMG_20190106_160443.jpg

Figure 2: A much smarter layout of the completed hexagonsimg_20190106_160500Figure 3: Bolting together the completed hexagons using the patented “method of chairs” img_20190106_162008Figure 4: Completed inverted semihemisphereimg_20190106_163737_1Figure 5: Using patented method to reverse the inversionimg_20190106_164147Figure 6: Quick break for set of shrugsimg_20190106_164242Figure 7: Found this on my phoneimg_20190106_165056Figure 8: Pentagon dry-fitted to complete the erectionimg_20190106_171201

There were a few problems encountered.

  • The hexagons, when resting in natural position, were a few degrees off and so couldn’t be bolted together. We had to loosen bolts & “fudge” them together – although, there is not any significant warping in the frame once the bolts are tightened
  • The screws sticking out of the joints prevented the hexagons from fitting together
  • The bolts were compressing the timber when being tightened – this was resolved using washers

Au revoir

Author: roamingdomehome

Part time curator of domes

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