06/01/19 – Dome Day

It was d-day for the dome after successfully completing 5 hexagons. The top semihemisphere was ready to be assembled.

Figure 1: laying out the completed hexagonsIMG_20190106_160443.jpg

Figure 2: A much smarter layout of the completed hexagonsimg_20190106_160500Figure 3: Bolting together the completed hexagons using the patented “method of chairs” img_20190106_162008Figure 4: Completed inverted semihemisphereimg_20190106_163737_1Figure 5: Using patented method to reverse the inversionimg_20190106_164147Figure 6: Quick break for set of shrugsimg_20190106_164242Figure 7: Found this on my phoneimg_20190106_165056Figure 8: Pentagon dry-fitted to complete the erectionimg_20190106_171201

There were a few problems encountered.

  • The hexagons, when resting in natural position, were a few degrees off and so couldn’t be bolted together. We had to loosen bolts & “fudge” them together – although, there is not any significant warping in the frame once the bolts are tightened
  • The screws sticking out of the joints prevented the hexagons from fitting together
  • The bolts were compressing the timber when being tightened – this was resolved using washers

Au revoir

Status update 28/12/18

With the year coming to an end – an update on the DOME home status for 2018, in picture form:

IMG_20181228_170916Figure 1: The timber was confirmed to be straight

IMG_20181228_174021Figure 2: 16mm pocket holes were drilled using 16mm countersink bit & radial arm drill press. 2- screws per connection will be used. Buildex 14-10 x 100mm timber screws were pre-drilled.

IMG_20181228_170934Figure 3: Sika Pro was applied to the joints prior to screw fixing

IMG_20181228_174037Figure 4: 3- two hexagon sides are connected first

IMG_20181228_174307Figure 5: The 3- two side sets are connected to form a hexagon module. The hexagon corner jig is seen in this picture

IMG_20181228_174330Figure 6: Gettin jiggy

IMG_20181228_225815Figure 7: 4 hexagon modules are complete. The design distance across the diagonals is 1850mm. The as-built hexagon modules range from 1847mm to 1855mm across the diagonals – this error seems tolerable.

IMG-20180216-WA0002Figure 8: Nutritious eggs

Plan for weekend Jan 20/21

Weekend 20/21




  1. i)    Drop-saw
  2. ii)   Measuring Tape

iii)  Straight edge (more than 1m if someone has something suitable)

  1. iv)   Pencils
  2. v)    Drill press
  3. vi)   Drill bits (depends on what size bolts we are using)

vii)  Clamps

viii) Safety Goggles!


Stuff to complete:


  1. i) Cut Pieces

    – Length: 1m (~2.7m height) (maybe a little shorter depending on lengths of timber from bunnings)

    – Angles: http://polyhedramath.com/finding-the-angles-of-the-truncated-icosahedron/

    – Amount: 60 hexagon sides, 30 pentagon sides


  1. ii) Drill Bolts’ Holes

    – Need to ensure that:

  1. a) all hexagon holes are identical
  2. b) all pentagon holes are identical
  3. c) all hexagon holes align back to back
  4. d) all hexagon holes align with pentagon holes back to back


    – Possible Method (3 holes):

  1. a) start with one hexagon piece
  2. b) use 3 holes
  3. c) drill centre hole by intersecting the diagonals so it is half of the width and height
  4. d) measure other two holes 200mm on either side of centre hole. *Important: must guaruntee to be half of the height as well*
  5. e) use this piece as a template for every other hexagon piece and for the pentagon holes